Services overview
Horizon Scanning

We look at signals, trends, drivers and systems that play out in your environment. This research allows you to have a broad look at factors that affect your business so that you can plan accordingly.


Innovation does not only happen for your product/service. It is a discipline that can be applied across your value chain. Our consultants allow you to see the potential opportunities for innovation.

Business Modelling

Think you have a business model down pat? Think again! Let us show you what options are available so that you can clarify your value proposition and effectively monetize your product and/or services.

Custom App Solutions

The world is changing and along with it, are the technology platforms and the way we interact and do business. We understand your requirements and develop application solutions for your business needs.

Website & Online

Yes, you need a website presence but your online needs are growing to properly serve your stakeholders. Our website and online services complement what you already have in place.

Prototyping & RAD

We use iterative methodology to prototype and refine an application in near real time, thus delivering applications to market in a shorter time frame, with increased quality, and scalable for future needs.


NewSolve works with clients from many industries including financial services, insurance, investment, auto, retail, manufacturing, distribution, import and export, technology and not-for-profit.

NewSolve's consultants have worked in several industries and collectively possess in-depth experience. We try to leverage all of that experience and key learnings to realize the best solution for our clients.

NewSolve's processes are simple and clearly defined. This allows us to be nimble and adaptable to our clients' needs. This flexibility and agility works extreme well for us in today's rapidly changing world.

Our clients are the reason we are in business. We are here to serve them and meet their needs. We work for and around each of them to enable their success. And people come first - our clients and ours.