Products overview
CANOPYv100™ CMS Suite

NewSolve® CANOPYv100™ Content Management Suite (CMS) contains an extensive set of powerful tools enabling and simplifying the publishing of dynamic web content. CANOPYv100 CMS enables organizations of varying sizes to easily create, publish and manage many types of web content for different audiences.

Project Management Suite

NewSolve has been deeply involved in the Program Management area and has spent considerable time refining its products to provide up-to-date solutions for today's Portfolio and Program Management needs. The CANOPYv100 Portfolio, Program and Project Management Suite (PPPMS) includes several key tools for effective project/program/portfolio management and governance.

Consilia™ Mobile Apps

Consilia Power of Attorney allows you to create a legally binding power of attorney so that a trusted person can sign documents, conduct business affairs, buy and sell assets and even access bank accounts for you. Simple and intuitive, enter the key information and in minutes, you can view, print or email your power of attorney.


NewSolve works with clients from many industries including financial services, insurance, investment, auto, retail, manufacturing, distribution, import and export, technology and not-for-profit.

NewSolve's consultants have worked in several industries and collectively possess in-depth experience. We try to leverage all of that experience and key learnings to realize the best solution for our clients.

NewSolve's processes are simple and clearly defined. This allows us to be nimble and adaptable to our clients' needs. This flexibility and agility works extreme well for us in today's rapidly changing world.

Our clients are the reason we are in business. We are here to serve them and meet their needs. We work for and around each of them to enable their success. And people come first - our clients and ours.