About us

NewSolve® Corporation is a management consulting and technology solutions firm whose clients are some of North America's respected corporations, associations and charities.

Our mission is to provide management consulting, application development, online services and customer support solutions to our clients at reasonable costs and within quick turnaround times. We are customer focused, agile and flexible with experience in several industries. Our solutions impact stakeholders in the hundreds to the thousands.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in a wide cross section of industries, technology and management strategies, together with our ability to seamlessly integrate usually disparate elements, allows us to mix and match different components to create innovative solutions to many problems.

Why choose us

We are committed to providing you with a solution that will have an impact on your business. Our in-depth research identifies the problem you are trying to solve and we apply design-thinking methodology to surface a solution that will meet you/your stakeholder needs.

Our consultants conduct stakeholder interviews to identify the problem you are trying to solve. We research the best practices/solutions to your problem in addition to what is on the horizon. In collaboration with your teams, we surface options and provide advice on each option. We work with you to implement solutions and assist with the change management required to enable successful adoption.

The most creative ideas
In today's business environment, one does not always have the luxury of available resources like money and time. To thrive, one has to think creatively to devise strategies for the achievement of business objectives with limited time and budget. Our consultants have great experience in searching for the optimal solution by using the right research methods, conducting stakeholder interviews and leveraging collective input – resulting in solutions that are of the right fit.
“ NewSolve was not only concerned about the job, they were fully engaged in the client relationship. They were the right technology partner for CHIP. ”
A cross section of our clients